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Sackville Trenching is recognizing the next generation of the Nova Scotia Construction Industry!!!

STL is recognized as a top leader in the construction industry. Focusing efforts and challenges into all types of underground infrastructure. They have become the “go to” company for their clients and competitors, staying committed to safety, delivering quality service, and a skilled work force in a timely fashion at a good value.

Please join us as we celebrate, and peruse the future of our industry in Nova Scotia. We are full of young, skilled, and knowledgeable people who are driving the industry forward. From suppliers, to road builders, engineers, supervisors, operators and laborers. We have some of the best and brightest in the industry.

We like to emphasize on the importance of discovering, developing and fostering young construction leaders.

Sackville Trenching Limited offers a number of services within HRM. As our company grows, so does our loyalty and commitment to community in providing top quality Service!